A different style of government

Nick Booth wrote a great blog just after Christmas, which I’ve only just found.

IMHO, this is exactly what school governors have been doing since LMS was brought in.

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  1. Thanks very much for the link Feargal, did I miss you at the ukgovcamp this weekend?

    You make a good point about LMS and governors – but I think that in this case governors are often providing citizen cover to allow professionals to get on with what they do. Governing boards are rarely as in control as the citizens who get involved in government work like this example:


    However we will already have examples of how government does adapt size and effort to organise around self organising citizens – we just don’t yet have a culture which assumes this will need to be done.

  2. Nick
    I think I missed you. In fact I missed the whole thing, which was a real pity. There’s always next year.

    I had seen (briefly) bigcitytalk, and I know it’s raising a lot of admiring commentary. I like the vision of engagement that it portrays but I think that it will still leave a large swathe of unengaged citizens out there. Sure, engagement will be better than previously, but many people will still not find it accessible.

    That’s not meant as a criticism; more of a “there’s-more-to-be-done” comment. It’s still highly impressive. It will be very useful to the rest of the country as a marker for future similar initiatives.

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