Nearly a very good idea – using Google Docs for Governing Body document sharing

I recently came across this blog about creating a Governing Body document library on the cheap. Whil it is mostly a good idea I was particularly struck by this piece of advice:

“(I’d advise this as being preferable to allowing members to use their own Google Accounts as you don’t know who they may have given their username and password for this to)”

Are you serious ?
I have to say that the unknown author must have a fairly low opinion of their fellow governors.
And if they are so dim witted as to share google accounts with persons unknown, whats to prevent them sharing the newly created account as well? Or just sharing the shared docs?
That’s apart from the fact that an email address is required in order to create a google account in the first place.
Is the author going to create those as well?
Otherwise a very sensible idea.

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