Ensuring Accountability


1. Governors know stakeholders’ views of the school

Governors ensure that the school regularly seeks the views of all stakeholders and is seen to act upon them. They are able to evidence where the views of parents’, pupils’ and staff (and other stakeholders’) have changed school policy.

2. The Governing Body holds the school to account and is accountable for its performance to stakeholders

Governors can demonstrate challenge in their minutes from committee and full governing body meetings. Governors know what actions the school has taken to bring about improvement and be able to justify these to stakeholders. Governors regularly communicate with stakeholders.

3. Governors know their school is at the heart of community

Governors recognise the importance of schools being at the heart of their communities and this is reflected in their work. They will know how their school’s facilities are used for community use and what links the school has with its local community (including other schools and colleges). Governors have plans in place to further develop this aspect of the school’s work.

4. Governors are good advocates for the school

Governors take every opportunity to promote the school and its interests to all stakeholders and the wider community. Governors participate in school events and are visible in and around the school. Governors make themselves available to meet with external visitors where appropriate.

5. Governors own the school’s aims and objectives

Governors take full ownership of the school aims and objectives. These are regularly and rigorously reviewed and care is taken to ensure they reflect the school’s position within its community.

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