Linked data – there’s more … (as Jimmy Cricket used to say)

Ingrid Koehler recently posted a nice blog on Linked Data. Most of it I was aware of and subscribed to but there was one point which had never struck me. As I read it I had a DOH! moment thinking “… that’s so obvious, whay hadn’t I thought of it before!”.

It was her point 5:

Linked data does not have to be open data. Public services would benefit tremendously from using linked data formats. It means that we could stop spending resources on data aggregation and start spending it on analysis and action. Linked data can be used in secure settings to help partners share personal, sensitive or commercial information on performance and resources and help better target those in need or areas for improvement.

I just wonder if we can create tools to make it easier to convert data TO linked data formats, whether we would find more people publishing in those formats? You still need to be a bit of a geek to get data into Linked Data formats.

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