Information Commissioners Office – List of Awareness Guidance documents

I made this FoI request to the ICO having come across a numbered awareness guidance document on the ICOs site.

Their response was a little confused, I thought, and I decided to clarify it here in my own words.

Firstly, they say the series has been discontinued, although some of them are still in play. In other words, they decided for some reason to replace some of them and not call the replacements “Awareness Guidance”. Fine.

Secondly, there used to be an index and they pointed me to it in the National Archives. But the old index only points to archived versions of the guidance. So I copied the relevant portions here below, and have edited it so that the guidance that is still relevant is linked from here while the no longer relevant stuff points to the archive. Hopefully I will be able to find the replacement documents and link them from here, which might make it all a whole lot clearer.

So in the list below, all the links point at the National Archives EXCEPT where it says “ICO” after the name. With this latter set, the link points at the current latest version on the ICO site.

Detailed specialist guides



Links from FoI Request

Awareness Guidance 5
Awareness Guidance 9
Awareness Guidance 10
Awareness Guidance 12
Awareness Guidance 13
Awareness Guidance 14
Awareness Guidance 19
Awareness Guidance 26
Awareness Guidance 27

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