Barcamp? What’s that for?

I was inspired to start the blog today. Its still January, so maybe this could still be a New Years resolution. Its been on my mind to do so for a couple of years.

The inspiration was spending the day at Google with a bunch of really interesting people. The UKGovWeb barcamp was intended to try to drag the Civil Service kicking and screaming into the 21st century (only kidding, guys!).

The 80 attendees were split evenly between Civil Servants and Joe Public. There was lots of wibbi-stuff, lots of staunch defence of government and the civil service, plenty of leading edge stuff. But mostly the day was about an exchange of views. Listening hard, exploring options, and coming up with solutions.

For me, waiting 10 years is not a solution, although most of the roadblocks will have retired by then. Our government needs an “e”, and the sooner the better.

A great day, so good in fact it inspired me to finally start the blog. Thanks guys!

Special thanks to Jeremy & co.

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