Safeguarding: How does ‘regulated activity’ work?

  • Anyone providing a regulated activity must be registered with the ISA.
  • It will be a criminal offence, punishable by up to five years in prison, for a barred individual to take part in a regulated activity for any length of time.
  • It will be a criminal offence for an employer to take on an individual in regulated activity if they fail to check that person’s status.
  • It will be a criminal offence for an employer to allow a barred individual, or an individual who is not yet registered with the ISA, to work for any length of time in any regulated activity.

Safeguarding: What is a ‘regulated activity’?

  • Any activity of a specified nature that involves contact with children or vulnerable adults frequently, intensively and/or overnight. (Such activities include teaching, training, care, supervision, advice, treatment and transportation.)
  • Any activity allowing contact with children or vulnerable adults that is in a specified place frequently or intensively. (Such places include schools and care homes.)
  • Fostering and childcare.
  • Any activity that involves people in certain defined positions of responsibility. (Such positions include school governor, director of social services and trustee of certain charities.)

‘Regulated activity’ is when the activity is frequent (once a month or more) or ‘intensive’ (takes place on three or more days in a 30-day period).

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